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Nov 7, 2020

In this episode Gamma Team Agents Josh and Sarah go undercover in a posh finishing school looking for a Cypher stronghold.


Josh played by Tobin Cleary

Ms. Evelyn Mannerly played by Fiona Thraille

Nova De Jong played by Tanja Milojevic

Director Peter Kowalski played by Steve Schneider

Sarah played by Carly Gendell

George Smiley played by Robert Cudmore

Word Trap played by Eva Schneider

Scarlett played by Madisyn Murray

Phoebe played by Lizzie Luthern

Dayn Leonardson played by Dayn Leonardson

Announcer played by Dayn Leonardson



Anastasia Angelakis

Annee Agnello

Sami Bray

Anna Griffiths

Grace Culwell

Caelan Johnson

Penelope Johnson

Lizzie Luthern

Olivia McMahon

Madisyn Murray

Gia Navarro

Catalina Qualantone

Allison Shock

Sophia Sullivan

Isabel Travers


Written and directed by Steve Schneider

Editing and Sound Design by Austin Beach

Music and Post Production by Dayn Leonardson


Lead actor recording by Matthew J. Boudreau


Cover Art by Regan Beach